IPB Audio

Ian Bond

Owner/ Sound Engineer

IPB Audio is a bespoke concert sound audio sales, rental, and design company.

IPB Audio formed organically throughout the mid 90s, as front of house sound engineer Ian Bond sought to personally meet the supply and equipment needs of venues and touring artists within his growing roster of clients.
Over time, IPB Audio’s reputation has solidified worldwide, as a professional supplier of high quality audio equipment for corporate events, music festivals, and award-winning international artists.

IPB Audio is solely owned by Ian Bond but boasts a diverse roster of engineers with extensive hands-on experience in all areas of the industry.  To ensure familiarity with regular equipment advances and software upgrades, IPB Audio supports regular contractor training and certification opportunities.

Across the board, IPB Audio excels in attention to detail throughout all aspects of production. 
Client care is consistently first in priority, with service that is second to none.